I am Lauren Lipscomb


There are these small moments in life.
Moments that are charged full of energy and truth.
The touch of a hand, a look, a movement.

It is in these moments when the soul reveals itself,
if only for a second,
for they are often gone as quickly as they appear.


I am a travel lover with homebody tendencies. I am fortunate to have a husband-friend that indulges in the urge to move as much as I do. Together we have a pretty neat little boy that plays a good side kick. Showing him the world is the ultimate gift that I can give him. In turn, watching him experience it all and seeing how it shapes him is the ultimate gift to myself. 

I am nostalgic and romantic. I embrace the quiet and the loud, the messy and the order, the gentle and the harsh. My heart is constantly torn between the majestic solitude of the mountains and the powerful nurturing of the ocean. I am a lover and a full-life seeker. And my life would never come close to complete without my people. There are those that I have known for years and through various stages of life and those with whom our relationship is just beginning. Each of them has come into my life in different forms and each of them holds a special place in my heart. These are amazing people. Silently courageous people. Big-hearted people. Passionate and humble people.  Hungry for an adventure people. Honest and open people. Laugh-out-loud and dance-all-night people. I love knowing about the essence of their lives and hearing how they got to where they are and what drives them most in this world. 

Tell me your story. Lets share it with the world. 


Follow along to see bits and pieces of this life's everyday moments and adventures.