Casual Intimacy Session

"We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known."
-  Brené Brown

When I look back at my photos, the ones that mean the most to me are the ones that held a connection. The connection may be between the subject and myself, an emotion this person's spirit touches on deep within my subconscious. Other times this connection is founded in the relationship I am seeking to document, exposing itself through subtle gestures or expressions.  While the images that I feel compelled to capture are purely a source of personal perspective, I believe the tension of an authentic connection is universal.

a space for togetherness
Through our conversations you have heard me use the term "casual intimacy" to describe the photo session we have been planning together.
Allow me to further define this concept. 
What I am hoping to capture is what I believe is an honest representation of the relationship between you and your partner. Often, the interactions between partners happen behind closed doors, in the home. Not necessarily because of a fear of onlookers or shame, but because this is the space where you share your lives together. The space where you sleep, where you prepare food, bathe, create, dream, process; the space where you feel safe within yourself and together.
This is the space where each of your rituals are intertwined.
In turn, this is where your relationship is nourished.

morning rituals
So as you prepare for our session together, I want the two of you to consider how you spend a slow morning together. 
Do you linger in bed?
Make coffee half dressed and greet your dogs good morning? 
Do you have a favorite spot to spend those first quiet moments?
Do you enjoy making breakfast together? If so, what are your traditional fixings?
All of the above?
We have so many little habits surrounding the beginning of the day. It is a time when we prepare and set our intention for the day ahead, often still vulnerable and unhindered by external influences. The world moves a little slower and feels a little softer. Within these rituals lies the subtle intimate interactions. This is the story I want to tell.

setting the mood
I understand that it's not every day you allow someone to observe your private, intimate world together. Let alone someone with a camera. So if I may make a few suggestions in preparing for our time together. 

- A play list. Music has an amazing way of relaxing us internally. Think about the energy that you enjoy in the morning. And if the two of you have a favorite song, include it!
- If you enjoy a spiked coffee or mimosa from time to time, this would be a great time to include it.
- Write a love letter to each other. Take some time to share your thoughts about your relationship, retell the story of how you met, or moment you were proud of them. You can do this in the days before our session but do not share it with your partner until our time together. 

extra activity
I would like to incorporate an element of an activity you enjoy together. In this case, I know the two of you spend time hiking with your dogs. So I'd like you to think about what your favorite local route is. Lets plan for an outing to follow our time in your home. 

act natural
I don't expect you to show up knowing exactly what to do. I want you to be comfortable as yourself and be able to relax into each other. If your feeling unsure, don't be afraid to talk to me about it. While I tend to be hands off and avoid unnatural posing, I will be making suggestions for adjustments to better an angle or to move into spaces with the ideal lighting. 
Trust me.

visual inspiration
I have compiled a few images that portray the energy I envision for our time together.


following your session
Approximately 2-3 weeks following our session I will send you a link to your gallery of images. You are free to download and images as you please. My only request is that you credit my business whenever sharing online or through social media. 

thats it. thats all.
I am so looking forward to our time together. 
Please do not hesitate to message or text me with any questions you may have! I want