Lauren Lipscomb is a Montana-based freelance photographer, specializing in a combination of elegant, editorial portraiture and environmental photojournalism. Born in California and raised in Alaska, Lauren's approach to photography has been shaped by both the landscapes and the people in the American West. She is deeply connected to her clients, subjects, and the earth, and inspired by the wilderness of her Montana home.

Obsessed with the photography of National Geographic as a kid, she bought her first film camera off of eBay, which she continues to use in her work today. As the founder of Wayward Roots & Co., she has turned her camera toward makers, artisans, farmers, and ranchers, documenting the beauty of their craft and the rugged environments that inspire them. The core of her work is the emotional connection she creates with her subjects and the stories they have to tell. In addition to photography and the outdoors, Lauren loves shooting film, time with her husband, Ben, their spirited five-year old son, Noah "Wild," coffee, poetry, and traveling with her family.


Bio composed by Andrea Lampman 



+ "Through working on a several month-long project with Lauren, I can say with utmost certainty that I could not have chosen a better photographer and creative partner. There's no question why her work is reputable all over Montana and beyond. Behind her exquisite photographic eye is an incredibly focused, creative, driven, and personable professional. Lauren is absolutely the one I reach out to for any photographic needs." - Meghan Purcell of Purcell Trading

+ " Lauren's photography always has a way of taking my breath away. It is obvious that she has a great eye for capturing the perfect moment, but she also takes time to listen and open her heart to the visions of the people she works with. Her work paints pictures and tells stories that will only grow richer with age." - Kristi Reed of Windy Peak Vintage


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