A Birth Story + the Prudence Family

I feel a great weight in sharing these stories - these stories that carry such tremendous value to the lives of those that fill these frames. I am not only responsible for capturing these moments, but I must honor their value with the words that are shared along with them. But sometimes, these images can speak louder than I, and I must let them do the telling for me. 


I arrived at 10 am. Active labor.

By 10:30 she was submerged in water, relieving the pressure of gravity and soothing the shifting within her body. It was a transformation that brought a beautiful calm over this laboring mother. The element allowing for her to succumb to the motions of this process.

She wore a necklace strung with stones. Each one gifted and blessed by the women in her life. A symbol of strength, safety, health, tranquility, love, healing, and guidance while bringing forth the new life. 

Her family of two were close, within arms reach to provide love and encouragement. They too, awaiting the arrival. 

There were the women; present, guiding, balancing, giving their hearts and energy to assist her through these trails. 

She moved with instinct, abiding to the call of her body's wishes. 

Her voice softening, her strength growing. The final push. 

Within moments he emerged.

At 12:15 on November 4th 2014 he joined the world. 

And just like that, these 3 became 4.