A Touch of Boho and Bow Ties

Over the past couple months I have had the pleasure of working on a number of shoots with my friend of mine and fellow photographer, Jason Wasinger.

It has been such a fun and rewarding experience getting to collaborate with another creative on so many different projects. It truly pushes you to grow and evolve, yet, define who you are all at the same time.

I can't help but think that working and learning from other creatives is such an invaluable experience. Regardless of the "success" of a shoot or if we are just chatting about our craft over coffee, I always, always walk away with new perspective and a greater appreciation for the work of my fellow creative. 

Far too often the photography world is viewed as a competition. Maybe in terms of business it is competition.

But I'm not too fond of this outlook. 

It makes everything a dark secret that you have to hide away and cuts you off from bonding with someone that shares the same passion as you.

I believe that no matter who you are and what kind of success you have achieved, there is always something that each of us can learn from each other. Whether it be some kind of technique, a different way of viewing the light, or a creative composition we would have never thought of on our own.

There will always be something to learn. Something that pushes you to do more and be better. Something that allows you to evolve. 

Thats what its all about, isn't it? We, as humans, are constantly forced to accept change and readjust to a new environment. It only seems natural that we should carry this same concept into our work. 

We need to stop comparing and competing so much and appreciate the massive amount of opportunities there are to create something better. Together. 

This is the first of more to come from my experience working and learning with Jason. 

To view more of this story from Jason's perspective, you can find him at: http://www.jasonwasinger.com