An Evening Together

"There is a reason that dreams and magic walk hand in hand. They both require that ability to let go, imagine, and create. Children do this without effort. The whole world is their canvas because the wish it to be." - Alexandria Ramon

We watched, merely standing by to provide support as they climbed amongst the tangled branches, moved though paths of various directions or simply forging one anew. We laughed as they fed ducks and screamed with joy as they took flight. And we encouraged their wildness as they danced among reeds and painted their own creations of love among mud and moss. 

It was a mingling of worlds; A mother's and a child's, coming together briefly to share in the joy of a moment, then parting ways again. We were all there together, conversations of life and light flowing freely but what we saw and what we felt through those hours was not alike. And that's ok. We each walked away understanding that we had played and marveled in a space of beauty and wonder with people that brought a smile to our heart. Together.