Andrew + Keisha - An Engagement

A couple months ago I received a phone call from my friend and partner in photo-crime, Jason. Some friends of his were in town for the weekend and wanted to get engagement photos done while they were here. So we arranged to meet the next after noon at Pomarius Nursery. They have the most beautiful green house that I'd been waiting for a special occasion to photograph in, and these two were a perfect match. 

It ended up being a cloudy, drizzly morning, which is not so great for the Nursery Business but is perfect weather for photographs (it creates buttery, soft tones and makes your skin look amazing).  

The shoot went fantastic, everyone was in a great mood and it was a dream photographing in the green house. I knew, without question, we created something pretty awesome that day.

But I have to say, with the love and chemistry these two have for each other, I could have taken photos of them in a gravel pit with the wind blowing, in the pouring rain, wearing dirty clothes and it still would have been amazing. 

That's one of those things I love about photography. You can pose people and tell them to smile but it's really about that extra somethin somethin.

It's the love. Whether or not you are photographing engagements, weddings, or families, the chemistry between each other always allows their personalties to shine through. Which in turn allows that true love to shine through. So no matter what "pose" you may put them in, they always have a beautiful way of making it their own. 

And when that happens, that is where the real magic is. 

To Andrew and Keisha - it was such a joy photographing this exciting time in your lives. I wish you so much happiness and I am sure your Montana wedding is going to be nothing short of amazing.