It's official, it is now 2014 ( 9 days in, to be exact). 

We made it through the holidays and have welcomed in the new year. 

The ending and beginning of a year always seems to bring up emotions. Reflecting on the year that past with all of its growth, adventures, new beginnings and successes. But also remembering the challenges, struggles, and the failures.

Its a time to start fresh, with new hope and determination.

A new perspective.

I have done my reflecting, processed the struggles and failures (failures which I tend to exaggerate in my head) and am ready to move forward.

I have set new expectations. These expectations are kinder to myself.

I am learning acceptance and am trying to nurture who I am.

Who I am as a wife, a mother, a friend, a photographer.

No more comparing to everyone else. I am not, cannot, and will not be anyone else.