The 1st Birthday


September 19, 2012. 4:41 pm. A Wednesday. The moment our lives changed. 

Noah Jeffrey Lipscomb. He is 1 year old today.

There really is nothing like the love you feel for your child. Its an all-consuming love that makes your heart feel likes its going to implode just thinking about them. And the pride you feel each time they learn something new, even when its something as simple as rolling over. I even found myself being proud when I discovered he was laughing during dinner because he was hiding food in his highchair when my back was turned. 

I am constantly in awe of this boy and the person he is becoming. This tiny baby is now a boy, with a hunger to explore and learn about the world. I am eager to see what adventure he takes us on next. There is so much life that still awaits him. 

For now, I will celebrate and enjoy him being 1. I want to absorb all I can out of this time we are in right now. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  

Happy Birthday, Noah bug.