A Day in the Life + the Bamford Family

When you spend your Sunday morning with the Bamfords you will leave full.

Full of rainbow ribbons, bumblebee riders, shooting stars, and footie pajamas. There will be a list of favorite chapter books (and "regular" books too), pillow fights, bunk beds, and toes to tickle. You will find camera collections, rubber bands, secret spots, and fairy friends. Bacon and eggs will be cooked. Apples and oranges will be sliced. Coffee will be drank. Music will be played on pianos, ukuleles, mandolins, and drums. The words to a Sara Bareille song will be sung.

But that's not a all, no, that's not all.

You will learn the ways of Shea-topia, and take a rocket ship to Saturn where you will shoot bows and arrows and speak only in martian. Then you will take a bike ride through the woods and under a bridge to wide open fields to frolic and run. There you will find flowers to smell and flowers for hair and long hugs to share. Your face will be warmed by the sun beaming bright on the last day of summer.

And there you will be filled. Filled to the brim and bursting at the seams with the love of this family.