Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Please fill out the following questions to help me have a clear vision of your wedding day and to ensure no details are missed. Please return the filled out questionnaire at your soonest convenience but no later than 2 weeks prior to your event date.

Name of Bride *
Name of Bride
Name of Groom
Name of Groom
Mailing Address after event *
Mailing Address after event
Rehearsal Dinner
Would you like me to photograph your rehearsal dinner? *
The Wedding day
If so, please provide the name of the vendor.
Getting Ready
Please keep in mind if you will be getting ready in very different locations that I may be unable to photograph both of you.
Are you planning to get ready together or seperately? *
:: Bride
Would you like me to photograph while you are getting ready? *
:: Groom
Would you like me to photograph while you are getting ready? *
First Look
Are you planning to do a first look? *
*If no, you want to keep it traditional style, thats totally cool. Be sure to schedule approximately an hour to an hour and a half after your ceremony to do portraits with the two of you, your bridal party, and family photos. The most ideal time for this would be during the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony. Something to keep in mind: all of your guests will now have arrived and be waiting to visit with you at this time which can make it difficult to get through the photographs in a timely manner. I am very aware that this is your day and you want to enjoy your party so I will do my best to move us through this time as quickly as possible, especially if we are losing daylight. However, I do want to provide you with the best possible photographs I can and everyone cooperating is key. So, having said that, help me help you!
I recommend at least an hour and a half time frame to ensure breathing room before the ceremony. Portraits and bridal party photos would be immediately following the first look.
Group Photos
Friends and Family photos
I know this seems like an odd thing to request but this information helps me to help keep the peace and keep the focus on you and your partner. Leave blank if you are all one big happy family.
The Ceremony
A friend marrying you, a reading, music, ring exchange, etc.
Sit down dinner, buffet, family style, horderves, etc.
If catered, please list your vendor. If home made, tell me who is cooking.
If yes, what time?
Band, DJ, Ipod, or other.
If so, will you be having a first dance, bride/father, groom/mother, other?
If so, what time? Details?
Please list any other information you would like me to be aware of!
Thank you so much for taking the time to better inform me about your wedding plans! I am so looking forward to documenting and celebrating this momentous occasion in your lives! - Lauren