Discovering Waterfalls


As part of our goals for this year, we are trying to get out and see more of this beautiful country we live in (and maybe even a little bit of Canada).

We are constantly finding ourselves talking about grand travel plans to countries we haven't yet been to; to get lost in the unknown cultures and languages. We long to go on foreign journeys that bring the grandness of the world into perspective, where nothing is familiar and some days its all too much, and it stretches your mind and heart in ways you never knew possible.

Unfortunately, its not possible for us to do those kinds of adventures as much as we would like. So until the time comes for us to wander off and explore the farther reaches of the world, 'ehem next year', we need to compromise. We began to realize there were so many wonderful places within our own that we hadn't experienced yet. So many places we could go to for a weekend or even a day trip.

It was settled. This year, to feed our wanderlust souls, we are immersing ourselves in the wonders of the Great Northwest. Crater Lake, Seattle, San Juan Islands, Highway 1., Redwood National Park, the list of possibilities is endless.

We started with Pacific City for New Years day. Next up, Multnomah Falls.

It is actually rather shameful that we have lived in Portland for almost 3 years and I hadn't been there. Its one of those places I have seen dozens of photographs of and driven past it countless times. Its almost like I forgot that I hadn't really witnessed it for myself. But it was true, I had never gone and walked its mossy trails and felt the mist of its waters.  

So off we went to visit the renowned and illustrious waterfall and bask in its glory. And take pictures of course. 

Adventure Awaits


The coast.

It was a last minute day trip.

We grabbed the necessities, got in the car, and went.

No over thinking our decision, acknowledging the dishes in the sink or the laundry yet to be done.

We just went. 

Just the three of us together.

Our cheeks became red from the wind, our shoes full of sand, we smelled of salt water and campfire. 

It was a perfect day.